When it comes to improving or boosting SEO, the goal for most websites/businesses is to show up better in search results and to make more conversions. My dad would say here, “No kidding, Dick Tracy.”

But, not everyone knows that even small SEO practices on and off your website can go a long way to help you outshine your competition.

I’m not saying this is the whole enchilada of an optimized website, or that it replaces a strategic plan or hiring an SEO expert. This is a simple list you can use (or to get help from your favorite web dev, like moi) to start knocking things out one-by-one to give you a boost and a leg up in the SEO department.

Little Things You Can Do That Can Make A Big Difference (for SEO)

Size doesn’t matter here, it’s quality and constancy that count. Little things CAN make a big difference! It’s especially important when you’re in a competitive market and local business is key.

Check these off your list to help you expand your reach and authority and get the best return on your SEO efforts.

  1. ✍️ Create engaging blog posts and share them across your socials and mailing list. Add social sharing buttons to your posts too.
    • Consider guest blogging by contributing valuable and helpful content on industry blogs with a link back to your website.
    • Repurpose your content to get more mileage out of what you already have.
  2. ✔️ Update page content regularly as services, products, or other information changes.
  3. 🏗️ Structure your site content with proper headings (H1, H2, etc.).
  4. 🙌 Be helpful and create trust with SSL certificates, required policies, adding helpful content such FAQ to questions potential clients ask, and highlighting social proof by displaying relevant testimonials on your website.
  5. 🌐 Submit your XML sitemap to Google Search Console and while you’re at it, other search engines such as Bing too.
  6. 🔌 Consider an SEO plugin for help with structured data/schema markup, hiding unnecessary pages, adding keywords, adding custom meta, creating an xml sitemap, and more. (Structured data is used to enhance visibility and helps search bots determine what the information on a page is about. Schema markup is the type of structured data used such as FAQ, Local business, Recipe, etc. Structured data can also be used to display rich snippets in search results.)
  7. 🧩 Use appropriate keywords in meta titles and descriptions (avoid keyword stuffing on pages, that’s a no no).
  8. 💼 Update web links and emails across your online profiles. Maintain uniformity and consistency. (Such as Facebook, Patreon, LinkedIn, Chamber of Commerce, GuideStar profile (now Candid), industry profiles/associations/directories, etc.)
  9. 🌍 Keep your Google Business Profile updated with hours, location, and reviews. (Here’s how to grab your review link to share with your clients as well as a short script to help you make the ask.)
  10. 🛤️ Optimize your images (size, alt text, etc.).
  11. 📱 Ensure your website is mobile-friendly.
  12. 🔗 Have user-friendly URLs and utilize internal linking for better site navigation.

Other little know things that can also affect how you show up in searches:

While not mandatory, these steps can significantly impact your SEO game.

Are there any you didn’t know about?

I’m here to help you on your journey to a stronger online presence! Need assistance with your website’s best practices? Let’s chat.

À bientôt !


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