Strategy-led Web Design & Development

Your business deserves a website that works wonders

Your business needs a (better) website.

Imagine a website for the next level of your biz. One that's strategically designed to turn browsers into buyers and help you work smarter at the same time. 

If the thought of a transformative website project is overwhelming and you're wondering if you'll ever be able to get it all done (and done correctly)... I gotcha. 

What if you could get all of the tech and brain work handled for you?

Mischief managed!


Imagine the possibilities

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    Feel empowered with an online home that's authentically you, professional, user-friendly, and works like magic.

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    Smash goals by having more quality time to serve your clients, market your business, and fulfill your plans because your site loves to streamline your processes.

Janet working at a cafe - Location independent
Janet's hand on Macbook, typing, answering questions, helping clients
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    Become energized with a site that supports your goals, is laser-focused on conversion, and makes your job easier, all while wooing and wowing your clients.

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    Be confident with total support and guidance, to help you noodle things out, show you how to edit content on your own, and without you having to lift a finger on any tech–before AND after you go live.

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    Energized with a site that supports your goals, is laser-focused on conversion, and makes your job easier, all while wooing and wowing your clients.

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    Be confident with total support and guidance, to help you noodle things out, show you how to edit content on your own, and without you having to lift a finger on any tech–before AND after you go live.

You have big dreams. I'll help you get there.

Your Next Level Website Journey starts with a casual chat.

Next Level packages


Every client's needs are unique. So is each Next Level Website Experience.

Each bespoke package is designed to provide you with a professional, premium website to fit your specific needs. During our consultation, we will work together to discover and uncover pain points and wishes. From there, we will provide creative solutions to meet your unique needs.

Not sure which package fits you best? No problem, I can customize as needed, we'll figure it out together in a Discovery Chat.

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Premium Package

Perfect if you’re ready to work with an expert excited to take care of every detail and provide the guidance you need; saving you time and delivering a powerful website that works wonders.

Computer with launching rocket icon for Next Level Level Up website package

Level Up Package

Ideal when you’re ready to team up with a website strategist to develop a powerful, streamlined, high-end website that's 100% you, converts clients you adore, and brings your vision to life.

Computer with light bulb icon for Next Level Essential website package

Essential Package

When you’re ready to have a tech expert set up your website properly and quickly, making it easy for you to add your content, and move right in. 

Freshly baked

There's so much to love about a Next Level Website!

Each website includes:

Pencil paintbrush and stars icon for Next Level website on-brand design

On Brand Design

Strategic design and direction with your branding for a cohesive, clear customer journey for maximum impact. Custom branding optional.

Laptop with stars icon for Next Level website technical SEO

Technical SEO

Solid SEO best practices throughout. The gold that helps you show up better (and quicker) in searches and enhances your marketing efforts. 

Hand and cell phone with check icon for Next Level website mobile responsive design

Mobile responsiveness

Ensuring your website works and looks amazing on mobile devices, which is imperative for an excellent, high-end visitor experience.

Light bulb, chemistry beaker icon for Next Level website strategy and resources

Strategy & Resources

Strategic expertise, guidance, templates, and other must-have resources make each step of the website building journey easy and stress-free. 

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Important Integrations

To assist you in tracking, marketing, growing your list, booking, social media, and other integrations if applicable to your processes or biz.

Computer with gear, heart, light bulb and lightning bolt icon for Next Level website premium software and services

Premium Software

Premium software and theme (plus use of my licenses), so your website works smarter, functions like it should, and allows us the freedom to create exactly what you need.

Checklist with pencil icon

Compliance Assistance

Resources to help you with necessary legal compliance of GDPR/online privacy regulations. Includes integration of cookie banner and policies + best practices site-wide.

Web page and seal of approval icon for Next Level website quality assurance and testing

Quality Assurance + Training

Site testing, desktop and mobile testing, and a quality assurance period. Includes support and training, so you feel confident navigating your new site.

Bottle of champagne popping icon for Next Level website ongoing support

Ongoing Support

Confidence and peace of mind that your website’s tech and security are managed by an expert, giving you the time you need to focus in your zone of genius and run your business.

Coffee, pastry, and a Mac to make websites, what more could a girl want?

Let's get you from stuck to strategic.

Envision a project with a strategic blueprint to help ensure all your bases are properly (and thoughtfully) covered with a smiling web expert to guide you through the entire website-building journey. Hint-hint: C'est moi ! That's me!

A "website artiste", if you will, who can whip up the perfect system, exactly to your taste, by knowing how your design, marketing, and functionality should all work together cohesively for connection and conversion. Our team will handle all of the techy systems and development, building a site that works for you and your workflow.

Looking amazing (also included) is the icing on les pâtisseries !

A Next Level Website process will make sure the whole shebang is organized, easy, and stress-free. It's where the magic begins.

You had me at les pâtisseries, let's chat ⟶

A Next Level Experience is calling your name if...

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    You've outgrown your website and feel like it's holding you back. It worked great for a while, but it's no longer aligned with your dream clientele, or where you're headed. 

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    You value professional (and no-nonsense) solutions and want to work with an experienced, fun, collaborative designer + consultant who listens and delivers.

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    You are past the DIY phase (heck, who has the time?!) and are ready to team up with someone who has your best interests in mind, will handle all the tech, and make sure all aspects (even ones you may not have thought about) are taken care of. 

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    You're growing, want to keep the momentum, and know upgrading your online home will help you reach your goals. Sure, you could push through, figure it out, and reverse engineer on your own (you've done it before), but at what price (time, stress, or other costs)?

The perfect process

Here's how it works

A Next Level Website Experience will make things happen using a strategy-driven project plan and an easy-as-hopping-the-métro process. Once you're on board for the ride, the magic begins.


Discovery Chat

Let's have a chat about your dream website.

Each project begins with this foundational chat...I'll ask all the right questions and provide solutions to meet your needs and what you envision.


Begin Your Journey

Choose the perfect package

You'll choose your experience from the options I'll provide. Like shoe shopping, it'll be hard to pick because you'll be cute and comfy in each.


Launch & Grow

Your next level website launches! Time to celebrate!

Following the perfect plan, your client-converting website goes live. I stick around to care for it and support you, giving you the freedom to focus and grow.

Hey there, I'm Janet!

Web stylist, digital problem-solver, and strategic website developer, I'm also a mom to both dogs and humans, a bit of a Harry Potter nerd, and a Francophile (in case you couldn't tell).

What's important to know, is that I'm passionate about helping my clients (US-based and ex-pats) reach their next level efficiently and professionally; by combining strategy, beautiful design, and clear, optimized messaging. Et voilà, the perfect recipe!

Janet Hoover of Create Launch Grow Design

I've been creating and caring for websites since 2011 and that knowledge is your golden ticket, ensuring you are set up strategically and smartly. Hand-holding and a brain that's marketing-focused included, thanks to my previous life in the corporate world. The potential of me becoming your new detail-obsessed bestie is the cherry on top.

If you're tech-stressed and your website is driving you all kinds of nuts, I'd love to be the trusted teammate to help you ditch the frustration and build a website you can feel confident in–the website your business deserves.

Sound dreamy? Let's get to know each other! ⟶

Janet's hands on Macbook keyboard building websites at a cafe table in Paris

Client love


Will I be able to make changes or updates on my own?

You know it! I believe in empowering you with knowledge and information so you can easily make edits on your own once your project is complete.  The Quality Assurance period also provides extra support as you're learning your way around.

Additionally, your Website Owners Manual will answer questions, provide instructions, and let you know how to get extra help should you need it.

You'll never be ghosted or left high and dry, I'll be around to provide as much or as little help as you like. If enrolling in ongoing support with a Care, Maintenance, & Hosting Plan, you'll also have the benefit of even more support along with discounts for other projects.

Which package is right for my business?

I love this question! I'll be able to help you decide after we have an initial chat about your needs.

Whichever option you select, you'll find that each Next Level package is designed to deliver a premium, strategic website to fit YOUR individual needs which I'll learn all about during a Discovery Chat.

During our consultation, I'll discover and uncover pain points and wishes and provide creative solutions to meet your needs. I can customize as needed to make sure it works for your business plan, time commitment, and more. 

What does strategic design mean?

Great question! Strategic and purposeful design in the simplest terms means your website is more than just "pretty", it has brains too!

When you design with a strategy in mind, you are really drilling down to your purpose and what you're trying to accomplish.

A few things that go into a strategic design are (more details in this post):

  • Client journey (the experience you want your potential client to have).
  • Brand alignment and aesthetics to increase connection and clarity.
  • Purpose and goals: Are you trying to book consults, sell things, build your mailing list, increase dog adoptions, provide info to people prior to coming into your office, etc. And...just to make it even more interesting, the purpose on one page could be different from another page.
  • Smart SEO using connective and optimal language.
  • Thoughtful consideration of processes, future plans, and more.

Strategic design is one thing that helps to separate you from your competition. Book a chat to get rolling.

What is the investment and what are your payment terms?

Building a strategic website (your online home) can be compared to building an actual custom home (the kind you live in). Meaning, there are lots of variables that come into play. So, it depends on your needs, wants, functionality requirements, and other determining factors.

These are the things that we'll uncover during a Discovery Chat. Once we have our consult, I'll be able to provide you with a proposal containing different options to choose from. You'll be able to choose the package that best suits the time commitment you can make, your budget, and other needs you may have.

To secure your date on my development calendar, a deposit of 1/3 of your chosen package amount is required upfront. You'll be able to choose from different options for the remaining payments at the time you accept your proposal, all of which will be outlined in your contract that you'll sign prior to purchasing.

Are there any additional costs?

There are several costs associated with a website that you are responsible for. During your project, I'll provide you with trusted, highly-rated, and reliable sources for the services you need if don't already have them squared away. 

These, if not included with your project, are:

  • Domain Name (your URL)
  • Email Hosting (if you want professional email addresses)
  • Website Hosting: Unless you enroll in the Care & Maintenance Plan (where hosting is included). Hosting is something don't want to skimp on, this is one of those "You get what you pay for." services.
  • SSL Certificate: If not enrolled in the Care & Maintenance Plan (an SSL is included with this service), your web host may charge a fee. If configuration of an SSL requires a significant amount of time, there will be an additional fee to install and set up.
  • Outside services or sub-contractors for specialized services. For things like your email marketing service, e-commerce, project management, course or membership software, special plugins, other specialized software, advanced SEO, SMTP configuration, etc. 
  • Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms and Conditions: Generation of must-have legal policies is paid directly to your chosen service (legal agreement policy generator). I'll provide you with trusted recommendations or, you may choose to have your attorney write your policies.
  • Continued ongoing care and support: Your chosen package will detail the amount of support and ongoing care you'll have during and after your project. Once your included support timeline is complete, you'll be able to continue with website maintenance, support, and hosting with one of these plans.
  • Licenses for software: The use of my developer licenses for products used on your website is included after launch for the specified amount of time described in your chosen package and website contract. However, if you enroll in a Care, Maintenance + Hosting Plan, these annual license fees are waived as long as you continue with that service. Any premium software you need where I do not hold the licenses, you will purchase.
  • Services for GDPR, accessibility, or other regulatory or necessary compliance: I'll provide you with trusted recommendations for some of these services and/or experts during our project and will assist in some basic compliance practices and implementation. To ensure you and your business are covered in these areas, you should consult an attorney or other expert versed in these specialized services. 
  • Possible site migration: If you do not include a care plan with your project, there may be an approximate fee of $250 for the migration of your completed website over to your web host (to make it live on your hosting), set up the SSL, and make sure all is working properly.
Does "SEO" mean I'll show up in web searches?

SEO (search engine optimization) is an ongoing strategy and there are literally hundreds of factors that determine your position or rank in search engines.

Things like:

  • Who is searching - Google and other search engines are smart enough to know what you typically search for, and why, when, where... Because of this, if I search for homemade tortillas and you search for the same thing, we'll get different results.
  • Relevant content - Is your content helpful, current, etc.?
  • Optimization of images (sizes and alt tags), page titles, meta descriptions, and more.
  • Domain name, age, and authority.
  • Quality products and services (theme, plugins, integrations, SSL, web host). Yes, I bolded that on purpose.
  • And, possibly more.

I set you up for success using premium tools and services along with using SEO best practices. I'll also provide you with key information to trusted SEO experts if you want to dig into your analytics, competition, and other details, along with, if you like, social media experts to help you promote and advertise.

It's up to you what you do, how you use it, and share it (and how often) because your website is a living part of your business. Just like software updates are necessary to keep it working (like oil changes for your car), your site content, strategies, and possibly other things should be updated as things in your business or information evolve. 

How long does this process usually take?

Project timelines depend on different things: your chosen package, what types of functionality will you need, if you add additional options, how quickly you respond, provide feedback, and submit details.

Your timeline will also depend on if your project includes custom web design, brand/logo design, professional copywriting, and advanced SEO services.

This is why strategic website projects need a smart plan and the Next Level Website Experience makes the journey to a new website a breeze with a process that makes it easy to stay organized and keep everything on track. And the best part? You don't have to worry about any of it because I'll let you know exactly what needs to happen and when, and will handle all of the tech. This means no stress or overwhelm for you. 🙌

Typically, (and if included with your project) custom branding takes between 2 to 6 weeks from inception to delivery; copy and advanced SEO can begin during this time (if included as well). Once construction of your website begins, most projects take from 4 to 12+ weeks depending on size of site, functionality needed like ecommerce, etc., The Essential Package is typically 2 to 3 weeks.

Feel free to schedule a free consultation where we can discuss your needs and timeline requirements. 

What will you need from me/what kind of time commitment will this be for me?

Most of your hard work takes place after signing your agreement and the official project start date. After you go through onboarding (which is as easy as 1, 2, 3), we'll schedule a call to kick things off.

This call happens before the project start date and it's where we'll go over everything together, review any forms or content templates you'll use to provide important information I'll need (like access to accounts, etc.), making it easy to do, understand, and take care of.

That way, once your project start date rolls around, all is ready to go! 

Anything you can do now will make things easier later:

  • Gather images together that you want to use.
  • Get those headshots you've been putting off.
  • Look at your copy for things that should be edited.
  • Make sure descriptions and images for services or products are up to date.

Along with the things above, all I ask is that:

  • You meet all deadlines for any content or information I ask for, to make sure your project launches when expected and goes smoothly.
  • Your attendance for all scheduled meetings.
  • Your full commitment and participation in your project.
  • You provide quality images (high-res and professional) and have the rights to use them. You will have access to my stock photo account if you need help finding appropriate images.
  • A smile! 

The big thing to remember is don't worry or stress, I'm an expert in this stuff. I know what's needed and will ask the right questions to help you think of things you may not have thought about. We're a team and I'll walk you through every step. 

Do you offer ongoing support?

Absolutely! Keeping your website safe, functioning properly, and healthy is my favorite soapbox topic!

It's SO important that I include a partial year with your project to get you off on the right foot. We'll discuss your options in our Discovery Chat and/or prior to your site launch. Learn all about our WordPress Care, Maintenance + Hosting plans.

Have other questions before chatting? Send me a message.

Ready for a website with a bit of je ne sais quoi?