Site Development for Web & Brand Designers

Hand development off to someone you can trust

You designed a beautiful website, now it needs to be built and functioning perfectly.⁠ Have a dream, behind-the-scenes teammate bring your creations to life online (without the wait or worries about the tech).⁠

Your design + my development. Like wine and cheese, we're the perfect pairing.

WordPress Site Development for Front-end Web & Brand Designers.

Janet Hoover, founder of Create Launch Grow Design laughing in a parc in Paris

WordPress Site Development for Front-end Web & Brand Designers.

*Cue 80’s song by The Pet Shop Boys… ”I’ve got the brains, You’ve got the looks…” 🎶

Imagine this: Your client signed off on your perfect, on-brand design, now it's time to hand that beauty off to someone who will sprinkle some tech magic, ensure it's perfect, and have it shining on the web.

WordPress, plugins, don’t have the time or desire. Your client’s site needs to be built and it would be perfect if you could hand the baton to someone you trusted.

Not to worry mon amie, with WordPress and Beaver Builder, I can bring your project to life online exactly how you imagine. Premium design needs premium development and together, we're a match made in heaven.

Let’s have a chat about your project. I’m ready to take a load off your hands and stress off your plate. 🙌

Janet Hoover, founder of Create Launch Grow Design laughing in a parc in Paris

An extra set of hands to get things done.

Hands typing on Macbook building websites at a cafe table in Paris

An extra set of hands to get things done.

Hi, I'm Janet. Designer, developer and ready to be your Girl Friday, your helping hand, and your secret weapon who can bring your client's website to life.

My goal is to provide you with a huge sigh of relief and save you time by making sure things are set up properly from the get-go.

Like the Wonder Twins, we can make things happen for your client quicker, more efficiently, and with less stress on you–giving you more time to focus on other parts of your project or on the next item on your to-do list.

Before the tech fairy bit me (and I’ve been hooked ever since), I started off as a designer. So, I get you and like you, I’m obsessed with pixel perfection, clarity, and cohesiveness.

Let's make things easy on you, shall we? Bien sûr !

Get help you can count on when teaming up with the right developer.

Each website build includes:

Pencil paintbrush and stars icon for Next Level website on-brand design

Whitelabled Dev

Your design perfectly implemented so your creation looks like it should.

Laptop with stars icon for Next Level website technical SEO

Technical SEO

Solid SEO best practices throughout the site making you look like the hero.

Hand and cell phone with check icon for Next Level website mobile responsive design

Mobile responsiveness

Mobile optimization imperative for a high-end visitor experience.

Light bulb, chemistry beaker icon for Next Level website strategy and resources

Strategy & Resources

Strategic expertise and guidance to ensure all of your bases are covered and to make sure the website building journey is easy and stress-free. 

Target with arrow in bullseye icon for Next Level website important integrations

Important Integrations

Analytics, email marketing, social, or other integrations if applicable to your client's process or biz.

Computer with gear, heart, light bulb and lightning bolt icon for Next Level website premium software and services

Premium Software

Software and theme (plus use of my licenses), so the site functions like it should and allows the freedom to create exactly what you need.

Checklist with pencil icon

Compliance Assistance Resources

To help your clients with necessary legal compliance of GDPR/online privacy regulations and accessibility best practices. Includes integration of cookie banner and policies.

Web page and seal of approval icon for Next Level website quality assurance and testing

Quality Assurance + Training

Necessary site testing and a quality assurance period. Includes support, training, and a Website Owner's Manual, so you and your client feel confident navigating their new site.

Bottle of champagne popping icon for Next Level website ongoing support

Ongoing Support + Hosting (Optional)

Get peace of mind knowing the website’s tech and security are managed by an expert, allowing you to rest assured your creation and client are well taken care of after the project.

What's not included: Does not include custom web fonts, images, fees for other contractors (if needed) for your project, or premium plugins/services for special functionality. You’ll need to purchase any specialty items or services before development work begins. We can discuss in our initial chat to determine what these are (if any). See more in the FAQ.

Powerhouse websites designed by you, built by me.

Here's how it works


Chat & Quote

Let's have a chat about your dream website.

We'll chat about your project, functionality needs, timing, and other details. I'll send you a proposal. Once approved, an agreement and invoice will follow.


Design & Build

Computer with gear, heart, light bulb and lightning bolt icon for Next Level website premium software and services

Once your design is approved by your client, you'll provide all files, details, and other necessary information I'll need to start building your website.


Feedback & Approval

Laptop with magnifying glass icon for Website Audit

We'll collaborate during the whole dev process for feedback, questions, revisions, and more, then you'll sign-off and approve.


Launch & Support

Your next level website launches! Time to celebrate!

Launch and post-launch support + tutorials. Optional ongoing care and hosting so you are confident your client is well taken care of after the project.

Have questions?

How long does it take to build a website?

The development can vary depending on complexity, size of site, and other factors. We'll discuss during our initial chat. For uncomplicated, "normal-sized" sites, it takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Delivery of all required files, communication, and your responsiveness also plays a factor.

Can you build with any theme?

I use the premium Beaver Builder theme for all website projects.  

Most developers have an exclusive, go-to theme because they know how to use it expertly to build amazing creations, just like a photographer has their camera of choice (Nikon, Canon, etc.).

More than just a cute face, Beaver Builder is matchless because...

✓ It’s customizable, so I have the freedom to create and build to spec.

✓ The functionality and advanced features make it easy to implement a custom design.

✓ Optimized for speed, SEO, responsiveness, and integrates seamlessly with other premium services (like email marketing, for example.).

✓ They stay on top of all of the latest trends, security, and more.

✓ It’s user-friendly and can easily grow as the business grows.

I could seriously go on and on. 

Can I use any web host?

Totally. I typically include a limited time of pre-paid hosting with my preferred host, WordKeeper*, as part of your project and handle all of the tech tasks involved.  If your client has another host we can use them instead.

As you probably know, not all hosts are created equal. If they have a sub-par host, be prepared for possible bumps or extra fees from their host or by my team if we have to spend a significant amount of time setting things up or dealing with/fixing issues with their host.

*Hosting with WordKeeper also comes with a plethora of additional benefits such as fast load times, a free SSL certificate, superb support, and more. If you also elect to include ongoing Care & Maintenance as part of the project benefits for your client, each care plan includes WordKeeper's Basic (hosting) Plan for no additional fee. More details about Care & Maintenance + Hosting found here.

NOTE: WordKeeper hosting does NOT include email hosting.

Are there any extra fees?

There are several costs associated with a website that your client is responsible for. During your project, I'll provide you with trusted, highly-rated, and reliable sources for the services they'll need if these aren't already squared away. 

If applicable to your client, you can expect fees for things like:

  • Domain Name (your client's URL).
  • Email Hosting (not a website fee, but is a URL related cost if have or need have professional email addresses set up).
  • Website Hosting: Unless you enroll in the Care & Maintenance Plan (where hosting is included). Hosting is something don't want to skimp on, this is one of those "You get what you pay for." services.
  • SSL Certificate: Some hosts include an SSL for free, some web hosts may charge a fee. (It's included at no charge with my hosting.) If configuration of an SSL requires a significant amount of time, there will be an additional fee to install and set up.
  • Other outside services or sub-contractors for specialized services. For things like their email marketing service, copywriting, e-commerce, project management, course or membership software, special plugins, other specialized software, advanced SEO, SMTP configuration, extensive technical assistance, or advance custom coding for custom functionality, etc.
  • Custom web fonts (if applicable), images, graphics, or other visuals.
  • Policies: Generation of must-have legal policies is paid directly to their chosen service. I'll provide you with my trusted recommendations.
  • Continued ongoing care and support: Your quote will detail the amount of support and ongoing care you'll have during and after your project. Once the included support timeline is complete, you client will be able to continue with website maintenance, support, and hosting with one of these plans, if they so choose.
  • Licenses for software: The use of my developer licenses for products used on your website is included after launch for the specified amount of time described in your quote. After that, they can choose to continues using my licenses or purchase their own. However, if your client enrolls in a Care, Maintenance + Hosting Plan, these annual license fees are waived as long as they continue with that service. Any other software you need where I do not hold the licenses, you or your client will purchase.
  • Services for GDPR, Accessibility, or other regulatory or necessary compliance: I'll provide you with trusted recommendations for some of these services and/or experts during our project and will assist in some basic compliance practices and implementation. 
What will you need from me?

We'll discuss specifics during our initial chat and during the project. Here are the usuals:

  • Design files (Adobe Illustrator, XD, etc.)
  • Graphic files
  • Logo files
  • High res Images
  • Hex codes for colors
  • Client login information (I'll give you a list of what I'll need)
  • Timely feedback and responsiveness
  • A smile!

BONUS: Be a developer's best friend with these: 🙂

  • Organize images or copy into folders for example: team, about page, services, etc.
  • Name images and graphics an SEO-friendly name. Example: child-iceskating.jpg vs 122jir7s.jpg

Have other questions before chatting? Send me a message.

Ready to get your project knocked out?