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Custom WordPress Design & Development, Branding Collaboration, Expat Website, Ongoing Care & Support

Adrian Leeds is a French real estate expert that helps ex-pats with all aspects of moving to France. From investing to immigration and living, Adrian is the person who can make your French dream a reality.

In her words

Pre & Post Project Result

A powerful transformation for the amazing Adrian.


Adrian Leeds Group website before


After the Custom website design and development for Adrian Leeds Group

Challenges & Solutions

When Adrian came to us, she had already gone through years of developers who never finished the work, held her site hostage, and a few other negative stories; not to mention the amount of money she spent and got nothing out of it.

Some pain points were the very old software was no longer working properly, over the years files, posts, and more were scattered across the web in different places, her email marketing was an old, limiting software as well, she had multiple site environments not working together, her SEO was scotch-taped together and really not optimized at all, and a lot more.

By asking the right questions, finding out her pain points, getting the details of her processes, and providing strategies and solutions for her online success; her trust began to grow.

With an updated visual design (created by her daughter), we, along with her team and marketing expert, brought Adrian's vision to life. The multi-faceted project was quite complex, but we kept it organized and moving forward.

Now pain points have been alleviated and things work smoothly:

  • Information is easy for her clients (and potential clients) to find thanks to the strategic reorganization of her website.
  • Her subscribers have increased now that it's easy for visitors to sign up, and her new email marketing service makes keeping in touch a breeze.
  • Ongoing care and support leave her free to take care of other never-ending and important tasks in her business and serving her clients.
  • Updates, edits, posting, managing comments, and more can be done quickly and with little effort.
  • Her online home now reflects her personality, is more professional, and connects directly with her fans and clients.
  • Thanks to feature-rich, premium software, there is freedom to create and customize anything on her site. It can grow as her business grows!
  • Google is loads happier, her traffic has blown up, and more!

It was a huge honor to have been able to help her create the perfect online tool for her business and to be a part of her “team” by continuing to support her with ongoing care for her website, making updates or changes as she needs them, assisting with professional strategy, and more honey-dos as they pop up.

Read more of her story here on Insta.


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    Strategic web design & development to combine multiple websites into one powerful, online home

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    Page and post design refresh to match new branding for things like:

    • Custom directories for property listings
    • Custom blogs for multiple newsletters (her "Nouvellettres")
    • Custom archive development
    • Custom template/pages for events and House Hunters International episodes
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    Back office area for team docs and important links

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    Multiple forms for various processes and payment of services

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    Assistance creating must-have policies

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    Mailchimp setup including templates, list optimization, and GDPR updates

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    Technical SEO fundamentals

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    Advanced SEO to get the best ROI

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    Mobile, image, and speed optimization

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    Custom Tutorials and Website Owner's Manual

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    Ongoing Care & Maintenance