Make the most out of content you already have by repurposing.

As a business owner, you want to get the most bang/ROI out of your content or blog posts by using them in multiple places, over and over.

Think about it…you’ve probably already spent lots of hours creating and coming up with the perfect points, hashtags, or captions. Take all of that hard work and breathe new life into it by repurposing.

Make your content creation efforts go further by repurposing blog posts (and more) into social media posts (or vice-versa)!

Here are a few ways to recycle your hard work:

check iconTurn blog posts into (multiple) bite-sized nuggets for social media. Break a blog post into a series or if you have a short series of points in social media, why not make a blog post out of it (sort of like I’m doing here)?

check iconShare in an email to your list (all or parts of the post ….or send what you’ve posted on social media).

check iconTurn your simplified process into an infographic for sharing.

check iconGive people a peek behind the curtain by repurposing your “About” page and sharing your why.

check iconTurn written content into a video to walk through steps, provide a demo, or even vlog.

check iconHave case studies? Create a podcast (or a social post) where you talk about how you helped your client.

check iconAdd feedback or testimonials from your site and share how you’ve helped your clients on Instagram or LinkedIn.

check iconCreate a poll or short quiz from data-rich posts.

check iconTurn FAQ into a short series.

check icon Update older blog posts (that are important for your business) with fresh info, then share.

check icon Gather helpful tips, how-tos, or info that would interest your niche and turn it into a freebie for your email list.


  • Have older images from photoshoots or that you used in blog posts? Re-use them for a social media post. Pair your repurposed content with eye-catching images. Your words dance with vibrant visuals!
  • Spark and encourage conversations with your social media snippets, much like Parisians bantering at cafés. Encourage interactions, invite questions, and guide readers toward your blog haven with a call to action.

Don’t be afraid to upcycle your online content.

It’s ok to post exactly the same thing 3 or 4 times a year, especially the really meaty ones full of helpful tips, tricks, how-tos, etc. New people will see it, old friends (followers) may not have seen it the first time around or could use a reminder.

If you’ve got it, use it! All good things are worth sharing.

Happy revamping!

À bientôt !


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