Why you need policies for your business

Do all businesses need policies? Yep, pretty much. No matter if you’re a large corporation or a small mom and pop, having policies to disclose, protect, and build trust is not only smart, but often legally required for all websites.

Your policies not only assist with some compliance items required with GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation) and updated privacy regulations of multiple US states or countries, but also search engines or certain services that may be tied to your website (i.e. e-commerce, email marketing, course software, etc.) may require stricter privacy disclosures and protection to protect PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

Your polices can also help you with:

  • Building trust: I know I feel better when working with professionals who have clear policies (privacy, refund, and others), don’t you? Being transparent and informative about how you do business, how and what data you collect and how you use it, along with other important information can give site visitors and clients peace of mind.
  • Protection, clarity, and guidelines: A clear set of policies outlining how you operate your business will help clear up questions, avoid potential legal issues, help avoid any potential misunderstandings, and provide clear instructions on steps or what users or clients can expect. This includes disclosing things you want to prevent or don’t approve of like spamming or other misuse or malicious activities.
  •  Legal Compliance: Yes, I already mentioned this, but it’s worth stating again. If required due to the myriad of privacy laws and regulations out there and they can protect you and your users/clients, and bonus if they are easy to set up (keep reading), why not avoid any possible legal issues or fines?

Which legal policies are necessary

Most websites use multiple services or have privacy related functionality like the ability to contact you, leave a comment, your analytics tracking script, a way to collect payments, other types of tracking, and more. A “typical” website can have dozens of ways where a business can “collect” personal information (PII) either through a form, cookies, or other ways.

Your businesses policies declare to your site visitors how you handle data and how you disclose how that data is used are some of the requirements regarding privacy that are required for all websites worldwide. And as regs and privacy laws change, so your policies need to change to reflect the latest.

Each business may have different things to address in their policies and these range from basic to possibly complex policies. Some websites may also have a need for other types of policies like work policies, employee policies, disclosures, or notices depending on your industry or your individual business, but the usual cast of characters are:

  • Happy wine and cheese illustration. Your vision and my skills are the perfect pairing.Privacy Policy: Outlines how you collect, use, and protect user (site visitor/client) data (the information you collect via forms, during your service, or from website cookies).
  • Cookie Policy: Analytics, e-shops, ads, fonts, marketing, and others services used on your website use cookies.  A Cookie Policy should list those cookies and give information about how users/site visitors can manage these.
    • A Cookie Banner helps to notify users of cookies and should provide a way for users to accept or deny cookies. Like wine and cheese, a cookie banner should go along with your cookie policy.
  • Terms & Conditions: Explains how your services work, conduct, refunds, returns, warranties, intellectual property, shipping, improper use of copyrighted materials, and more. Such as, if someone clicks to a 3rd party site then is hacked, your Terms can help prevent any legal issues.
    • If warranted, you can separate portions for a separate “Refund Policy” or others as needed for your business.
  • Disclaimers or Statements (as needed): Disclaimers for affiliate links, a disclaimer can let people know you’re not providing legal or other type advice, provide an accessibility statement or other notifications specific to your business or industry.

My Token Disclaimer: I am not an attorney, a legal, ADA, GDPR, privacy or other type of compliance expert. It’s up to you to find the best solutions for your business, get assistance from qualified professionals, and ensure any legal compliance within your business and website is met correctly (online and off). Some links in this post may be affiliate links. Read our disclaimers here.

My go-to for policies is Termageddon.

While there are other policy generators out there such as iubenda, Termsfeed and others, I haven’t found one that can compare to the ease, price, quality, and peace of mind like Termageddon in my book.

I use Termageddon for all of my clients and my own business because it’s literally a no-brainer.

How much do I love Termageddon? Let me count the ways…

Besides having a cool name, they make this ever-changing, mind-bending stuff easy and they keep up to date on privacy regs around the world (feel free to check out their tracker here and their blog here). I have no time nor the will to even attempt trying to keep up with that stuff for my business. It was an easy “yes” for me to have them do it for me.

Other reasons I love Termageddon are that they also:

  • Include ALL your policies AND cookie banner for one small annual annual fee.
  • They auto update your policies on your site for you as laws and regulations change.
  • Have 5 star customer support.
  • You don’t need to know which policies you should have, their service will help you determine this.
  • Provide instructions to walk you through creating your policies or their support can help you as you work through the policy wizard.
  • If you need to make minor edits to your generated policies, it’s easy to do with their policy dashboard.
  • Once created, you copy and paste a script on your page and you’re done.

agency partner certification from TermageddonBonus (optional): They can help you knock it out quickly and easily. Check! Off the list. They will hand-hold, walk you through setting your policies up by asking you questions on Zoom and usually getting it all done in about 15 minutes. This is not something they offer everyone, but as a Certified Agency Partner with Termageddon, I can extend this bonus to clients and others, but only if I make the introductions. Their rules, not mine. To take advantage of this perk and after you’ve purchased, email me at to tell me you’d like a “Policy Walk-thru with Termageddon” and I will then connect you with their team so you can schedule your hand-holding Zoom session with them.

Getting started with Termageddon

If your website/business doesn’t have its policy ducks in a row yet or your policies need a refresh, I highly recommend our friends at Termageddon. (But you already knew that 😉)

Knock them out and get 10% off the first year by using my link or by using this code at checkout: GROWDESIGN

After purchasing, if you’d like to take advantage of the exclusive hand-holding set-up assistance, follow the Bonus instructions above.

Still not sure you need policies?

Why care? We all want to protect our client’s and visitor’s privacy along with our own legal buns, bien sûr (of course)! Avoiding possible hefty fines is another reason get them taken care of.  Since Termageddon are the experts in this department, their short vid can explain why policies are important better than I can. Contact them if you have more questions, I know they will be happy to answer.

Privacy Policy Generator for Websites — Termageddon from Ricky Bryant on Vimeo.

Go forth, obtain your policies, and have one less thing to worry about.

Hope you found this helpful!

À bientôt !


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