How to drive people to your website - woman business owner smiling and looking at her computer next to The Website Strategy Collective logo - Youtube video cover

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website (Via LinkedIn, Google & More)

September 5, 2023

Episode #4 from The Web Strategy Collective Watch Episode #3, “How To Choose The Right Website Designer” here and don’t…

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Woman's hands around a cafe latte at a cafe table with her laptop and a croissant

10 Basic Essentials All Website Owners Should Know

August 18, 2023

As a major player in your business, your website supports you, saves you time, makes connections, and helps you grow.…

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Mom working on couch with laptop and dog

What Policies Do You Need and The Easy Way to Set Them Up

July 19, 2023

Why you need policies for your business Do all businesses need policies? Yep, pretty much. No matter if you’re a…

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How to choose the right website designer - woman business owner pondering this question next to The Website Strategy Collective logo - Youtube video cover

How to Choose The Right Website Designer For Your Business: Top Tips From 3 Designers

June 27, 2023

Roundtable Episode #3 from The Web Strategy Collective See Episodes 1 & 2 here. Join me and my fellow web…

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Get Your Shareable Google Business Profile Reviews Link in Less Than 2 Minutes banner on desk with laptop and sunglasses

Boost Your SEO With Google Reviews: Easy Steps to Grab Your Google Business Profile Reviews Link

June 15, 2023

Did you know that having great reviews on your Google Business Profile helps your SEO? Optimizing (and verifying) your Google…

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Business woman with color palette swatches for redesign and macbook on desk

When Is The Right Time To Invest In A Website Redesign (Or Make Updates Instead)

May 1, 2023

Your website’s mission should be creating connections and turning visitors into buyers. If you’re not confident it’s doing its job,…

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Dog on couch arm looking at laptop, woman working on macbook and smiling

Create Your Gravatar in 4 Easy Steps

February 27, 2023

Gravawha? If you’ve ever wondered why you see a nice icon or mini headshot of someone in your email, on…

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Create freedom with time blocking - Woman working in a park, looking at her calendar

Keep Moving Forward With Time Blocking

September 27, 2022

I’m in a coaching program and one of the things we recently discussed was CREATING the time to work ON…

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