Boost Your SEO With Google Reviews: Easy Steps to Grab Your Google Business Profile Reviews Link

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Did you know that having great reviews on your Google Business Profile helps your SEO?

Optimizing (and verifying) your Google Business Profile is a simple and effective way to help how your business shows up in search results and will help you look like the trusted, professional that you are.

An important part of an optimized Google Business Profile are its quality reviews. (Not purchased or fake reviews. I’m talking about real reviews from YOUR actual clients.)

Every smart business owner knows that collecting feedback to gain insights from your customers will help you to continue improving and providing a premium service or product. When those high quality reviews are on your Google profile, you’ll also have the benefit of a little SEO boost and better visibility in local search results.

Another perk: Trust and Cred.

Positive reviews also act as social proof and per Brightlocal, 87% of consumers used Google to evaluate local businesses in 2022. They also report in their survey that Google is the top platform for searching for reviews and the most trusted across all industries, I’d agree.

I read through reviews before purchasing about 90% of the time. Don’t you? When people are considering buying from you, and they aren’t already familiar your proven record of quality and trust, you can bet potential buyers will check out your reviews before deciding to purchase from you or work with you.

Positive reviews can give you a competitive advantage that will set you apart from the herd.

Follow these easy, quick instructions to grab your Google Reviews link.

It’s so simple! Grab your reviews link by following these steps or watch the video walk-through below. It’s literally less than 2 minutes to grab and copy.

First, you’ll need to log in to Google with either of these options: By logging into your Google/Gmail account that manages your Google Business Profile or sign directly in to your Google Business Profile account.

Next, depending on how you chose to log in, you’ll follow these steps:

  • If you logged in to Gmail/Google:
    1. In Google Search, type in the words “my Google Business account”.
    2. Your business should pop up in a panel (you may need to scroll a little to get past “Sponsored” ads). Click the blue “View Profile” button next to your business name.
    3. Next, skip to and follow the “Last steps” shown below.
  • If you log directly into your Google Business Profile account:
    1. You should automatically be taken to the main “Businesses” page.
    2. There, you’ll see your business name. On that line, click the “See your profile” button.
    3. Next, follow the “Last steps” below.

Last steps:

  1. When you see your profile panel on the right, scroll down and click the “Get more reviews” button.
  2. A pop-up will appear with your “Review link”. Copy that link and save.
  3. Share your link and start collecting reviews!

Don’t be afraid to ask and make it easy for people. I’ve given you a script to make it easy!

There a lots of opportunities where you can kindly ask for a review from happy clients. Give them the direct link. Make it easy.

You can…

  • Ask as part of your client’s project wrap-up, when you usually ask for feedback.
  • Add the link to your email signature.
  • Ask in person, during the sale or service.
  • Add a QR code on a business card.
  • Give people the opportunity in your newsletter.
  • Send select clients a personal email.

Don’t make them think. Give them the direct link. I repeat, give them the direct link.

When they click your link, they’ll be taken directly to your Google Business Profile review section (they’ll need to log in to Google/Gmail to leave a review). This make it easy for even the most tech-averse and it keeps them focused without other distractions, so they can accomplish the task at hand before falling into internet rabbit holes.

Here’s a short and sweet script to get you rollin’. Edit to fit your needs and style:

Hi [Client first name],

I throughly enjoyed working with you and bringing your vision to life (OR…Thanks for purchasing X). It was a pleasure helping you!

If you are happy with [product or service], please consider taking a moment to provide a review on Google by clicking here [add link]. (OR, “If you are pleased with your experience, tell us and others about it! [add link]”)

Google reviews are gold for small businesses, so I appreciate your time. Thank you!

[Your name]

TIP: Don’t try and “buy” a review with an incentive or discount. Search engines frown on this. Keep them genuine.

After they’ve provided you with a review, be courteous and professional.

You win more flies with honey… Be sure to take a moment to thank them for taking time out of their busy day and respond to all reviews. It’s good customer service and your potential buyers (and Google) will see that you are caring and responsive.

Hope this was helpful!

À bientôt !


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