I’m in a coaching program and one of the things we recently discussed was CREATING the time to work ON your business. While it’s easier (and sometimes more enjoyable) to work IN my business by supporting my clients, I can support them even more by making my business a priority too. I know, it’s so simple, right?

This simple, but mind-blowing (for me anyway, lol) tip made a huge difference in just a few weeks. Here’s what I did, maybe it’ll help you too!

Time block. 🤯 🗓

  1. Batch client work. Unless, of course, it’s a pre-scheduled project or an emergency. Batch all of your smaller jobs into time blocks on your pre-planned days each week. Example: Wednesdays, Thurs am, Fri am. Pick days (or 1/2 days) that you will only work on client work.
  2. Block days (or certain times of the day) for working on your business: marketing and follow-ups, admin work, educational classes, email checking/responding, etc. Ex: Mon am, Tuesdays, Friday, pm. Don’t forget to block time for lunch.
  3. Make a calendar (printed off, Google Sheet, Excel, Asana, whatever works best for you) and block out time that you’d really like to work on client work, admin work, etc. Be realistic. If you have yoga every morning from 7 to 8, block time for that. After yoga, do you need 30 minutes to let the dog out, freshen up, check email? Add that time to your calendar too. This way, seeing it actually scheduled and the time blocked, you mentally are “ok” and not feeling guilty or feeling like you are already behind when you start your actual working day at 8:30. It’s such a simple and freeing concept!

But, how is this freeing?

Yep, I hear ya. I was hesitant at first too because I felt like blocking my time was counterintuitive. I want freedom to work on things when I want. If I put time restrictions in place, that feels…well…restrictive. I was skeptical, but I tried it because my “way” wasn’t working, I was feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

To make sure I gave it a fair go, I decided to go all in. To my shock, it actually DID help me. I was letting go of guilt, I quit burning the midnight oil, I felt more creative, I was actually able to accomplish tasks, and more. It felt like I gained control over my time again!

It’s your business, you can do whatever you want (and need) to do!

You have permission to work when you want to work and what you need/want to work on.

The amazing Shannon Mattern says that most of us entrepreneurs come from being employees and we bring that same mindset into our businesses. We have a hard time letting go of our limiting beliefs that keep us in employee mode instead of boss mode AND that it is ok (and necessary) to go from order-taker to consultant and expert.

One way to help our brains make the switch (i.e. Dropping everything when a request rolls in, obsessing over inbox zero, or whatever it is…) is to take control over our schedules and sit on our hands when that email pops up. I get it, it’s a hard habit to break! By blocking our schedules for email or tackling client work on certain days or times, we are actually better able to help our clients, our sanity, and businesses. It’s mind-blowing to realize that staying in employee mode actually doesn’t serve your clients best. 

So, cut yourself some slack and block out time to best serve your clients and keep your business moving forward at the same time.

It’s almost crazy the number of things I’ve been able to accomplish (there have actually been more!) by my recent switch to time blocking. I’ve…

  • Finished projects
  • Updated my website (have more to do and that’s ok!)
  • Created this blog post
  • Started new workshops to enhance my client experience, get caught up on the latest tech, and more (which is then passed along and is value added for my clients)
  • Begun wrapping up new services (that I’ve been putting off for months) where I’ll be able to help more people with the same quality, but provide quicker results Like:
    VIP Exclusives to:
    • Knock out your to-do lists
    • Build you a 1-page website, or even…
    • A Website in a Week (More info to be shared on these soon!)

Multicolored time-blocks on a calendar

Make it fun, give it time, and give yourself some grace.

When dipping your toe into time-blocking, make it fun. Use colors you love for sections (gold for client calls and meetings, blue for client projects, green for lunch breaks, etc.), add fun emojis, doodle, and tape it to the top of your desk. I created mine in a Google Sheet and put the days of the week in French (because I need all of the practice I can get). Be you.

We all know that we need to take care of ourselves mentally and physically so that we can take care of families and other many responsibilities. It’s the same for our businesses. Only you can create the time and time-blocking is a way to help you. Here’s a handy post from Asana that delves into more detail to help you get started.

Before I leave you with this tip, remember to give yourself grace. Time blocking is like anything else, it’s a habit, don’t expect it to be perfect. It will evolve, there will be times when things pop up that mess with your schedule, and that’s ok. Your time block/schedule is yours, give yourself time to adjust and allow it to change and adjust as needed as your business, personal life, and client work ebbs and flows. Life is messy and it’s ok!

À bientôt !


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