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I get it done. You cross it off your to-do list.

A VIP Fast & Fab Exclusive makes things happen when your time is at a premium.

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Bite-sized Tasks

One-page Website

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Five-page Site

Website in a Week

Hi, I'm Janet

Imagine what you can get accomplished once you've cleared some of those nagging items (that, let's be honest, you'd rather not do) off your never-ending to-do list!

My process is easy, stress-free, and efficient (and dare I say, fun too?). Let's get those things wrapped up and you confident in moving forward with marking and growing your biz.

Janet leaning on the parc fence, helping women realize your dream

How it works


Chat & Schedule

Choose the perfect package

Book a short discover chat where we'll discuss your needs, determine if your project is a good fit for this service, and timeline. You'll pick a date that works best with your schedule so that you're available during our intensive. 

I'll tentatively schedule your booking. Then, will follow up with next steps to secure your spot.


Pre-Work &

Light bulb, chemistry beaker icon for Next Level website strategy and resources

You'll receive a welcome email with clear instructions and resources so you can gather the information and assets I'll need for your project.

Before our kick-off call, you'll submit all of your prep work. We'll go through everything together and prioritize tasks to make sure all is ready to roll on go-day.


Your VIP Intensive Session

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We're off to the races and will be communicating via our chosen messenger service (not Zoom meetings, we want fast and efficient).

We'll collaborate throughout your booking. You'll be like Speedy Gonzalez with your responses and feedback and I'll be like the Roadrunner, quickly and efficiently knocking things out.


Post VIP Support

Bottle of champagne popping icon for Next Level website ongoing support

To make sure you're empowered to use or edit anything we've taken care of, you'll have 14 days of post-intensive support via email.

Depending on your project, this may also include tutorials to make things easy for you to use or implement.

Optional ongoing Care, Maintenance & Hosting for websites is available too, leaving you free to take care of business.

Checklist with pencil icon for Next Level website GDPR and privacy compliance assistance

Bite-sized Tasks

Knock out as much as can be done with a one-day or half-day booking.

That to-do list is a mile long and you're not getting anywhere forwarding things in your calendar.

You've planned and re-planned to get those suckers knocked out, but life gets in the way. A trip to the vet, a client emailed and needs your help, your kid just came home with a project that's due tomorrow, or, heck, let's face're pooped!

Finally, take that "me time" (you deserve it, honey), send me your laundry list of items, and let's get those things checked off so you can get back to business.

Have your own a designer-for-a-day for accomplishing things such as:

Website To-Do List

The text you want to edit, images that need replacing, service that needs updating–Get that punch list of items off your to-do list.

One-Page Website

A professional presence fast. An optimized, tech-handled site to provide important info to your visitors. More info below.

Tech Assits

Need to install scripts from Google, integrate your online calendar, want to add your Instagram feed? Get your techy wishlist done.

Mini Audit

Professional recommendations on how to improve your website. Choose which you'd like me to take care of à la carte from the results.

Sales or Landing Page

Add a professional sales page for your new offer, the book you're publishing, or to promote your main freebie.

Add/Update Your Policies

Are your policies up to date? Have policies? Get your site up to speed. Includes Cookie scanner and banner integration.

Add or Update Forms

Need a way to collect info from new or potential clients? Add a questionnaire, collect payments, get feedback.

Style/Brand Update

Recently re-brand? Get your site updated with your new logo, colors, or graphics for a unified look across the webs.

Have questions? Check out the FAQ below or reach out here.

Investment for a full day dedicated to you (6 hours) is $1,500.
Includes post VIP day wrap up video and 14 days of post-VIP email support.

Rachelle Morgan
Rachelle Morgan This process was a dream. I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

I recently had a VIP day with Janet where she created a sales page for my book along with a couple of other smaller design projects. The prep part made me feel totally confident that she had this project under control, and I could do my own work knowing that this project would get done and I would love the results. Janet also has a great follow-up to tie up any loose ends. I will definitely be working with her again.

VIP Fast & Fab sales page for the Listen, Sing, Dance, Play book
Amanda Bankert
Amanda Bankert It's perfect, thank you! 🎉 😊

Everything on the Voilà! Vegan sales page looks amazing!!! Thank you!!! 🥰 🥰 🥰

Testimonial from Amanda Bankert "You're the best!!!! Thank you!"

VIP Fast & Fab sales page for the Listen, Sing, Dance, Play book
Laptop with stars icon for Next Level website technical SEO

One-Page Website

A professional presence online in a day (or two).

An online home with basic SEO set-up and all of the techy parts taken care of so you're online fast and looking fab. Give visitors a place to get info, to contact you, and hire you.

Have questions? Check out the FAQ below, find out if this is a good fit for your needs, or reach out here with questions.

Website In a Week

Small, but mighty websites for professionals.

Your next level website launches! Time to celebrate!

A strategic, pre-designed, professional layout + all of the tech set up expertly and quickly so you're online and looking like a star in a flash. Perfect for smaller, basic websites. Get things done right from the get-go and have room to grow as your biz flourishes.

Have questions? Check out the FAQ below or reach out here.

Not sure if VIP website is right for you?

This is the perfect fit for you if...

  • You're ready to showcase your biz with a professional, small, but solid site that can easily grow as you do.

  • You want a clean, clear, straightforward website (no being overly artsy, cluttered, or confusing to visitors for you).

  • You're an action-taker ready to do your part (prioritize needs, gather content, be available for feedback).

  • You can commit to your project by showing up and meeting deadlines with excitement and a smile.

  • You're able to quickly make decisions and provide feedback to keep your project moving.

  • You like quick and easy and appreciate an efficient process and are happy to leave the details to an expert.

Probably not the right fit for you if...

  • Your website has lots of pages or posts or you need highly customized features or functions.

  • You know you'll get hung up on something (a perfectionist to a fault instead of getting it done and fixing later).

  • You feel like working quickly on copy or pulling together other content will be a struggle on a tight timeline.

  • You get highly stressed with deadlines and your schedule will explode if you add one more thing to it.

  • You want a highly-collaborative process or need to deliberate or consult others in your biz before making decisions.

  • It's hard to make quick decisions and/or you have no idea what you want your website to achieve.

Get started by booking a VIP Discovery Chat

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't get all of my pre-work done in time?

I know it takes time to gather and collect information. We'll book your project with plenty of time for you to get things together. I also understand that sometimes, "life happens". If something happens where you aren't able to get your pre-work done in time, we can reschedule your project. If you still aren't able to get your pre-work done by your new date, you will lose your spot and your deposit. 

Do I need to be available during our project timeline (while you're doing things)?

Yes, your availability for quick replies and feedback are the secret sauce in this process. 

To make the most of our time, choose a day (or week) when you don't have meetings booked or have something else important scheduled.

If you can't find a date that works for your schedule, reach out here and we'll figure something out.

What happens if we don't get everything done during my intensive?

You can bet your boots that my priority will be to get as much done as possible during your VIP booking. 

I work quickly and efficiently and my process has been perfected to ensure we get as much accomplished during your project timeline as possible.

I can't promise or guarantee that everything we set off to knock out can be completed. However, during our pre-VIP chat, we'll determine the priority items and add any of the less-priority items to a wish list that can be addressed if time allows or can be added to another VIP day or 1/2 day booking.

Can you really build a VIP website in a few days?

Yep! My process is a well-oiled machine that makes things a breeze.

A VIP website includes using one of my tried & true templates (custom-designed by me with a strategic, conversation-ready layout) will help make building and customizing a site to fit your brand quick and efficient.

Of course, there can always be unforeseen hiccups that could pop up. If that happens, we'll address that. The goal is to provide you with a strong, professional, functional site and you can bet, I never trade quick for excellence.

Our discover and kick-off calls help reduce any potential stumbling blocks and having your pre-work to me in time gives me time to review and ensure nothing is missing and that everything will go smoothly.

If I can count on you to do your part as well (quick decisions and feedback, your pre-work done, etc.), we should be golden.

As mentioned on this page, VIP websites are for small, non-complex websites (1 to 5 pages). For larger sites or site where you'll need more, check out my service for custom websites.

What kinds of things do I need to provide?

During our initial chat, you'll be able to let me know what you'd like to accomplish. From that, I'll be able to tell you exactly what I need from you to make it happen.

Besides you being available for questions and feedback during our project, some of the things I usually need to get the work done are:

  • Logo/branding files
  • Website copy
  • Access to accounts or website

If your project is a One-Day Website or Website in a Week, things I'll need are:

  • Logo / Branding
  • Website copy
  • Any testimonials you'd like to use
  • Page names
  • Professional photos
  • Access to your hosting (or I will provide hosting for you)
  • Access to your URL/Domain host, or other necessary account


How does payment work?

To book your project and block my schedule I require 50% down and 50% upon completion or prior to launch (if I'm helping you with a VIP website).

Are there any other fees I need to think about with a VIP website?

Like the home you live in, your website home may have several fees associated with it. If you need any of these, and don't already have them squared away, I'll provide you with trusted, highly-rated, and reliable sources. Not all of these are needed for every website, but it's a good example of things to think about or possibly prepare for if applicable to you and your business.

Fees for things like:

  • Domain Name (your URL).
  • Email Hosting (not a website fee, but is a URL related cost if you have professional email addresses set up).
  • Website Hosting: Unless you enroll in the Care & Maintenance Plan (where hosting is included). Hosting is something don't want to skimp on, this is one of those "You get what you pay for." services.
  • SSL Certificate: Some hosts include an SSL for free, some web hosts may charge a fee. (It's included at no charge with my hosting.) If configuration of an SSL requires a significant amount of time (using your web host), there may be an additional fee to install and set up. 
  • Other outside services or sub-contractors for specialized services. For things like your email marketing service, copywriting, e-commerce, project management service, course or membership software, special plugins, other specialized software, advanced SEO, SMTP configuration, extensive technical assistance, or advance custom coding for custom functionality, etc.
  • Images, graphics, or other visuals. 
  • Custom web fonts if applicable.
  • Policies: Generation of must-have legal policies is paid directly to your chosen service. I'll provide you with trusted recommendations. Typically, you can expect about $119/year.
  • Ongoing care and support: Your quote will detail the amount of support and ongoing care you'll have during and after your project. Once the included support timeline is complete, you will be able to continue with website maintenance, support, and hosting with one of these plans.
  • Licenses for software: The use of my developer licenses for products used on your website is included after launch for the specified amount of time described in your agreement. After that, you can choose to continue using my licenses or purchase your own. However, if you enroll in a Care, Maintenance + Hosting Plan, these annual license fees are waived as long as you continue with that service. 
  • Services for GDPR, Accessibility, or other regulatory or necessary compliance needed for your particular business: I'll provide you with trusted recommendations for some of these services and/or experts during our project and will assist in some basic compliance practices and implementation. 
I already have a web host, do I need to use yours?

I typically include a limited time of Care & Maintenance which includes hosting with my preferred host, WordKeeper*, as part of your project. If you already have another host, we can indeed use them if you prefer, but it may involve an extra fee for setup depending on your host. Moving to WordKeeper hosting is included for free and is a smooth and easy process.

*Hosting with WordKeeper also comes with a plethora of additional benefits such as fast load times, a free SSL certificate, superb support, and more. Each Care & Maintenance Plan includes WordKeeper's Basic (hosting) Plan for no additional fee. More details about Care & Maintenance + Hosting found here.

NOTE: WordKeeper hosting does NOT include email hosting.

End the procrastination, perfectionism, or overwhelm keeping you from moving forward and finally get things done.