Athea Davis

WordPress Website Semi-Custom Design & Development, VIP 5-Page Website

Mindfulness educator and coach, podcast and book author creating whole life alignment, personally and professionally.

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Pre & Post Project Result

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Before the custom website for Athea Davis


After the custom website design and development for Athea Davis

Challenges & Solutions

After a big rebrand and shift in purpose, Athea needed her website to be aligned with her new services and new identity.

I was honored to help Athea with her last website (Sol Sense Yoga) and be her site's caretaker for many years, so I am equally honored that she trusted me to take her new branding an implement it into a new website that fits her new chapter.

We used one of our VIP Exclusive templates as the foundation with minor edits and additions to make sure her new site fit with her vibe and focuses on her priority calls to action like contacting her and subscribing to her podcast and mailing list.

The clean, focused, strategic design makes it easy for site visitors to find what they are looking for and contact her, and the updated theme makes it easy for Athea to use and make edits as needed.

Using a VIP template made the process quicker and less stressful for a new, growing business. Premium software and tech ensures her needs were met and that she'll have room to easily grow as her business evolves and flourishes in the future.


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    Strategic web design & development

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    VIP 5-Page Website

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    Page template customizations to match new branding

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    Email marketing updates with new branding

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    Technical SEO fundamentals

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    Mobile, image, and speed optimization

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    Google assistance (analytics and search console)

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    Postmark SMTP setup and integration

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    Website Owner's Manual and Custom Tutorials