Music With A Smile

Website Design & Development, Branding Updates, Ongoing Care + Hosting

Toe-tapping fun, musical, and educational programs and performances by the talented accordionist, Jane Christison.

In her words

Branding updates

  • Minor updates to her (already designed) logos
  • Color & Use Guide
  • All Images & Asset Files
  • Business Cards
  • Social Media Graphics
Music with a Smile logo update
Janie Next Door logo

Pre & Post Project Result

Isn't she lovely? 🎶


The original Music with a Smile site


Music With A Smile Redesigned Website

Challenges & Solutions

Jane had two websites for both parts of her business, one that focused on performances and one that only focused on performances and education for children. She wanted a better way to join the two together while making it clear to visitors (and Google) what she offered to her different audiences. In her words, "Sometimes I feel like I have a bit of an identity crisis with the overlap!".

Along with that, she also was struggling to be found in local searches, her shop wasn't secure, she wanted to provide clearer information, and needed a cleaner style, all while keeping it fun, bold, and colorful. Lastly, she needed a little help to make some minor edits to her logos.

Our team was able to creatively combine her two businesses in a holistic way that Jane felt made sense to her, her fans, and clients. Strategic and proactive thinking anticipated pain points she didn't think of, such as a way to accept payments for performances, allowing her to collect payments right away instead of waiting on snail mail.

Site visitors can now easily find what they are looking for, book performances, and sign up for her email list. Her trust factor increased with an SSL and she's being found in searches, thanks to better SEO.

See more about one of Jane's results on Insta.


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    Logo updates for both sides of her business

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    Strategic web design & development to combine two websites into one powerful, online home

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    Custom page templates to provide a clear journey with a design that matches her fun personality

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    Ecwid shop set up and integration

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    Event calendar for performances

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    Custom email address set up

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    Forms for bookings and accepting payments

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    Assistance creating must-have policies

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    Mailchimp list optimization and email template update

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    Technical SEO fundamentals

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    Mobile, image, and speed optimization

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    Custom Tutorials and Website Owner's Manual

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    Ongoing hosting + Care & Maintenance